Meet your Nurse Practitioners

Meet your Nurse Practitioners


Marcus Angulo, MSN, APRN, PHN, FNP-C

Costa Mesa

Marcus Angulo has always had a strong interest in building relationships and a passion for science, making nursing the best career for him. As a nurse practitioner, he values the direct impact he gets to have on the lives of his patients every day. Marcus is focused on helping and empowering patients to better understand and manage their own health.


Sharmeline K. Curameng, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Huntington Beach
As a lifelong learner, Sharmeline Curameng is passionate about maintaining the highest level of scientific knowledge combined with practice expertise needed as a nurse practitioner. Delivering quality healthcare and impacting patient outcomes is an important part of her role. Sharmeline has a special interest in building meaningful relationships with her patients to help engage them in making life changing decisions.

Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Newport Beach – Fashion Island
Alexander Lee appreciates the patient-centered and holistic approach to health care that nursing allows him to be a part of everyday. From the time he began his career as a nurse, he knew he wanted to continue his education to become a nurse practitioner. Becoming a nurse practitioner gave him the ability to provide comprehensive care to improve patient outcomes, while building trust and relationships with his patients. As a provider, Alexander takes into consideration the patient’s body, mind, spirit, culture, environment and socioeconomic background when delivering care.

Hyun Kyung Amy Lee

Hyun Kyung Amy Lee, MSN, FNP-BC

Huntington Beach
Hyun Kyung Amy Lee offers patients an open-minded and approachable environment. She enjoys the opportunity to treat and help manage the variety of conditions and illnesses she sees as a nurse practitioner and strives to reach beyond the patient to impact the lives of families. She provides personalized care and effective education to improve the health outcomes of her patients.


Jonathan Lu, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Jonathan Lu enjoys making a positive impact on the lives of his patients and is thankful to be part of a team that allows him to provide quality, compassionate care for the variety of conditions his patients face. Jonathan provides individualized education to encourage healthy lifestyle changes, and his open communications approach allows him to make the best medical recommendations possible, adjust medication to best fit his patient’s needs and provide meaningful support.


Jenny Lu-Yeh,MSN, APRN, PNP, FNP-C

Irvine – Sand Canyon
Jenny Lu-Yeh is a compassionate nurse practitioner who values the patient care she provides and enjoys the time she gets to educate each patient about their individual needs. Jenny always knew she wanted to do something that would help others, and becoming a nurse practitioner has been the best career choice for her. Helping her patients, seeing results from the detailed care she provides and building trust in each relationship brings her great satisfaction.



Newport Beach – Superior
Andy Luu enjoys the wide array of services that family medicine allows him to provide to his patients, as well as the ability to continue growing as a nursing professional. He has a special interest in disease prevention and works to establish personalized, proactive care plans for each patient. He is encouraged by the variety of interactions and opportunities he encounters each day that allow him to help patients manage all aspects of their health care.


Mary Jean O’Connor, DNP, FNP

Laguna Beach
Mary Jean O’Connor provides compassionate and quality care to each patient she meets. She has a special interest in partnering with her patients on a personal level to help them take charge of their health and wellness. Mary actively listens to the needs of her patients and offers a relaxed environment to discuss their questions and celebrate their successes.


Frederick Perez, MSN, APRN, PHN, CEN, CHEP, FNP-C

Huntington Harbour / Fountain Valley
Frederick Perez is proud to be a nurse practitioner in healthcare today where he can enhance patient outcomes and contribute to the healthcare industry. Frederick enjoys building meaningful relationships with his patients and playing an integral role in delivering primary, urgent and acute care to a diverse patient population. He is focused on providing patients with a calming and reassuring environment. Frederick’s vast medical expertise helps his patients navigate the challenges of a variety of conditions from common to complex.


Diane Pham, FNP

Irvine – Woodbridge
Diane Pham is a dedicated nurse practitioner who is honored to serve her patients and values the family centered approach to care Hoag offers its community. Diane offers a problem-solving approach to care and works with her fellow team members and patients to develop individualized plans that meet the needs of each patient. She actively listens to their concerns and ensures they are heard.