Anthony J Mele, MD

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About Anthony J Mele, MD

Dr. Mele’s passion for helping clients create personal meaning and happiness has guided his approach to psychotherapy for over 20 years. Building upon his research in the area of neuroplasticity, Dr. Mele views psychotherapy as a way to re-train the brain to more effectively cope with one’s personal emotional and social stressors and addictive behaviors. , Dr. Mele’s holistic approach to mental health wellness integrates physical and emotional health, spiritual wellbeing and social connectedness.

Dr Mele has provided psychological treatment and executive leadership in a wide range of settings including inpatient and residential drug and alcohol treatment centers and outpatient specialty clinics. Dr. Mele has created Wellness and Disease Management programs for managed care organizations and has provided executive coaching to senior business executives.
Dr. Mele earned his undergraduate degree at Boston College . He earned a master’s degree and secondary school teaching certificate at LaSalle University. Prior to pursuing doctoral studies in clinical psychology, Dr. Mele was a high school educator in Jersey City, NJ and served as a social skills educator to court-adjudicated youth in suburban Philadelphia. He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Widener University and certification as a Pennsylvania School Psychologist from the Bryn Mawr College – Widener University collaborative. As a former high school teacher, Dr. Mele has considerable experience working with middle school and high school students.

Prior to joining Harbor Psychiatry and Mental Health, Dr. Mele served as Chief Clinical Officer of a national network of drug and alcohol and mental health detox and residential treatment programs where he developed and supervised specialized programs serving individuals with eating disorders, individuals with histories of trauma and abuse and older adults. Dr. Mele’s clinical experience includes conducting forensic and competency psychological evaluations and providing psychotherapy to impaired medical, nursing, legal and clergy professionals.

At Harbor Psychiatry and Mental Health, Dr. Mele specializes in the use of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI) and attachment theory-based interventions to treat individuals who struggle with multiple addictions, long-standing depression and anxiety and those who seek to integrate spirituality into their psychological treatment.