Patient Portal

Talk to your doctor on the go!

You’re a busy mom running your kids all over town, an executive in high demand constantly traveling for work, or a young professional racing around and working late hours to get ahead. How do you find time to take care of your health amidst your busy schedule? Your smartphone!

Welcome to Hoag Medical Group and the patient portal phone app, helping you manage you and your family’s health at your fingertips. Powered by Follow My Health, the mobile app is an extension of the new Hoag Medical Group patient portal to help make your health care experience as convenient as possible. It is an easy to use option to help you continue to play an active role in your own health care. It allows you access to all of your family’s medical records in one place with a single login using already existing accounts like Facebook, Google, or Yahoo (one less username and password you have to remember!).

The simplicity of its design is the genius behind it, allowing you to email your doctor, get your labs, or radiology results by just clicking on a button that clearly tells you what you will be looking at. You can also request medication refills and appointments on the go! Find your personal health information and access it quickly! You’ll be able to view your lists of allergies, medications, vital signs (like blood pressure or heart rate), medical conditions, and even your kid’s immunization records faster than it would take for a page to load on your computer’s web browser.

What if you’re on the road without a computer or wifi connection nearby, and forgot what your doctor told you about your medication, or things you talked about at your last visit… Just look at your clinical summaries to get this information through the phone app. You will also have access to all of your family’s accounts conveniently located on the first screen you see. Just click on your family member’s name and it takes you straight to their account profile.

The Hoag Medical Group patient portal is here to enhance your personal health care experience and improve the access to your doctor and personal health information. It will help you discover a superior level of health care centered around you and your needs. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed!