Blood Pressure Medicine

Why Is the Need for Blood Pressure Medicine So Hard to Swallow?

It may be difficult to accept the diagnosis of hypertension or high blood pressure and even harder for some people to welcome the use of anti-hypertensive medications. But until we have a cure for hypertension, we need these medications which are very effective in reducing damages to organs, and importantly, allow us to live a quality life.


Hypertension is the elevation of pressure in the blood vessels or pipes that carry blood throughout the body. When the pressure is high in the pipes it can cause over time such serious problems as heart disease, strokes, kidney disease/failure, vascular problems and even vision problems. Needless to say, hypertension is a concerning medical condition that needs to be addressed and controlled. About 1 out 3 people in the United States have hypertension.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet of low salt, low carbohydrate and the elimination alcohol, smoking and reduction of animal products, especially red meat along with regular exercise is essential in controlling hypertension. And it should start early, even going back to childhood (what a child eats now has a tremendous impact on her/his health in adulthood). However, with genetic disposition or family history and aging, hypertension becomes challenging to control with just lifestyle modification alone. That is when medications come in.

Blood pressure medications

Very effective blood pressure medications are available to us today. And many of them even have additional benefits of protecting organs, such as the heart and kidneys. Potential side effects are a rightly concern for many people when medications are involved; but the good news is that the vast majority of patients on blood pressure medications sees their blood pressure going down without unwanted side effects. Today’s treatment of hypertension is well understood, effective, and overall safe.

So if high blood pressure happens to come your way, let’s take care of it together so you can focus on more important things in life like winning a tennis tournament or outshine a rival in yodeling championship or simply, relaxing.